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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


I've never done this before.  How does this work?

When you went to the clerk of your court, you started a court case.  The papers that the clerk gave to you are called initial pleadings and most usually consist of a summons, a complaint, a petition, and sometimes exhibits.  In divorce cases there will also be other things like Family Financial Affidavits, social security information etc etc.   Once you have these papers in hand you must then make arrangements to have the papers officially served by a licensed Process Server.  The process server will then deliver the papers to the Respondent, who is most of the time also the Defendant.  Once the papers have been served, the process server will prepare an Affidavit (a sworn statement) of service.  The affidavit will then be returned to you.  You will then take the affidavit back to the court where it will become part of the file.  Once the respondent has the papers in hand, he usually has 20 days to respond to the clerk.  If the respondent does not respond within the prescribed time, you may petition the court for a default judgement in your favor.

Where do I send the documents?

Your documents along with a check made out to Lake Servers can be mailed to:  


FEDEX Address: Lake Servers, 37900 Brookside Dr Eustis FL 32736

How do you determine your fee?

Our fees are calculated on distance from our office.  Our county is large and extends roughly 80 miles north to south.  Our office location is centrally located in Lake County.  Therefore, our rates increase as distance and time increases from Eustis.  Our rates basically come down to $30/hour and 50¢/mile.  Fees are as low as $40.

My company will not issue a check without your Tax I.D. number.   What is your number?

We appreciate your accountants wanting to make their job easier by having our tax number.  However, this requirement places an unreasonable amount of additional work for us.  At the end of the tax year, we must chase down every attorney who asked for our tax number, and wait for the 1099, if it ever arrives.  For a $40 dollar job, we cannot justify spending additional time trying to get these 1099's from law firms.  WE WILL MOST CERTAINLY PROVIDE THAT INFORMATION AS REQUIRED BY LAW AFTER WE HAVE EXCEEDED THE $600 MINIMUM THRESHOLD THAT IS ESTABLISHED BY THE IRS.  We don't want to lose your business but on the other hand we don't want to lose money either.


Yes please.  Our experience over the years has taught us that things go smoother if payment arrangements are made ahead of time.  We accept credit cards and company checks.    Make check payable to:  LAKE SERVERS


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